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I have spent lots of time and money using the Danco perfect match hot/cold stem 3J-4H/C, for NIBCO/STREAMWAY stock # 16015B.

I bought 5 of these faulty stems from Lowe's, installed them and every time they worked perfect for 7-10 days and then bam; shut it off and a constant stream of hot water would pour out of the faucet.

This runs up my electric and water bill so I have to keep buying the darn thing, i average buying 1 a week for a little over nine dollars, which is cheaper than my electric and water bill. I am spending 50% less than if I just let it run.

I am very unhappy with the malfunction of this stem, it robs me of time I could spend with my family and money that I work hard for.

I feel that this company needs to remake this part and compensate for the damage that it has cost the consumers.

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I just replaced mineI have been retrying parts for 3 hours now and can't get it to stop dripping.Stopped the orginal problem, running a stream, but tried two different kits, and they both drip.


Same issue. Danco products are not reliable.

Stem 05950B is really has failed 5 times. At $24, this is getting very expensive. I have similar issue with another danco stem. Rip-off for sure.

Home Depot might want to post a warning for their customers. Buyer be ware


I also have the same problem. Is there an alternative replacement we can use that fits?


I have the same problem. These stems don't last a long time. I suspect high water pressure aggravates the failure of the stems to seal.

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